TYM Tractors

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to many common questions about Tractors on the Creek and imported (gray market) tractors. (NOT affiliated with Yanmar USA). 

What are Gray Market Tractors?

Tractors that were made, used and sold in Japan. However, when traded in, because of emission control laws in Japan, they could not be resold there and ultimately wound up in reconditioning factories and subsequently were shipped to the United States.

Is there any warranty on these tractors?

Our tractors are unconditionally warranted for 6 months. If a problem develops and it can't be solved, the tractor will be replaced with one of equal value.

LS tractors have a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!


Years 1-2 bumper-to-bumper Parts and Labor
  • Years 3-5  Parts and Labor on Drive Train only
  • Limited to 2000 Hours
  • Batteries and Tires are warranted by Manufacturer

How hard are parts to get?

Parts for Yanmar and LS tractors are readily available nation-wide. Some parts are shelf items.

What does factory reconditioned mean?

There are reconditioning factories where tractors are disassembled and checked out. The engine is rebuilt with new rings, bearings, gaskets, seals, valves and pistons as needed or whatever else is necessary. Electrical and hydraulic systems are tested and repaired as needed. All tractors are brought to 95% of original specifications. Tires are new or "like new" without wear or cracks. The seat is new or re-covered. They have new loaders, new roll bars and pto shield. And finally these tractors are given a fresh coat of paint and stickers are applied.

Can you deliver?

YES! The cost is exactly what it costs us, our time and gas!

Golf Cart question?

Can you pick up my golf cart?

Yes, we can pick it up for service and repair and delivery back to you. Price is dependent on how far you live from us.